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Dec 29 12 - slow dawning
Time's all mine

to be the one that one that you've been thinking of


And when you'd die you'd become once for real

You talk shit in your sleep

but the time hollows

Hollows to be the one you've been dreaming of

and it haunts me in my sleep

Time slowed down

to be the person you were meant to be

Cause you know:

the night is in your eyes and soon we'll change

for good or for bad, but I accept;

but it haunts you in your cells my love.
As my resources get depleted and nothing gets completed
My attention is spent on things that don’t need it
See the problem is the robbin’ of my time is so common that it’s not even thought of as a crime
Try to find just an hour that I can call mine

And take ownership of all the shit that I should be finishing
Instead of being banished to the back shelf and wallowing in limbo
As my edge begins to dull, my mind grows simple

I used to keep it nimble reading multiple novels
But now my mental stimulation comes from movie stars and models
In a pre-packaged plastic, easy to digest, my reading has digressed to the grade 3 level

And my favorite TV channels are headline news and headline sports
The scores are important, no time for views
‘Cause what’s right is difficult to choose so I smile at the water cooler and ignore the issues

168 hours in the week and a third of those are spent on sleep
We’re now down to 112, with 40 spent in a suit
5 more for my lunch break, and 10 for the commute

That’s 55 on work, and 57 left
10 watching tv and 10 surfing the net (nerd)
At least 10 with my girlfriend to keep things fresh

And that’s less than 27 hours left
I might go and see a movie or hang out with some friends
And now my free time is whittled down to 10

10 hours a week to write rhymes make beats
Go dig and run a label man it’s no small feat

So ask me if I’m packing it in and I respond with a grin
It’s all fun but I’m lacking in energy
"This song makes me feel like i'm in my car and also i'm driving it. then i come upon a railroad crossin and it looks like nothin's goin on so i'm like sure i'll cross. so i get to crossin, and right as i'm over the tracks, both of the gates swing down and it starts goin ding ding like they do. i look up cause i have a sweet convertible and a train is falling from the sky lookin to land right where im at. it was dropped by the train plane. just then another train plane catches it a foot from me!!"

ultramincubed1 year ago 90

(From this video.)
"Google’s [book scanning and library] projects, together with rival initiatives by Microsoft and Amazon, have elicited millenarian prophecies about the possibilities of digitized knowledge and the end of the book as we know it. Last year, Kevin Kelly, the self-styled “senior maverick” of Wired, predicted, in a piece in the Times, that “all the books in the world” would “become a single liquid fabric of interconnected words and ideas.” The user of the electronic library would be able to bring together “all texts—past and present, multilingual—on a particular subject,” and, by doing so, gain “a clearer sense of what we as a civilization, a species, do know and don’t know.” Others have evoked even more utopian prospects, such as a universal archive that will contain not only all books and articles but all documents anywhere—the basis for a total history of the human race.

In fact, the Internet will not bring us a universal library, much less an encyclopedic record of human experience. None of the firms now engaged in digitization projects claim that it will create anything of the kind. The hype and rhetoric make it hard to grasp what Google and Microsoft and their partner libraries are actually doing. We have clearly reached a new point in the history of text production. On many fronts, traditional periodicals and books are making way for blogs and other electronic formats. But magazines and books still sell a lot of copies. The rush to digitize the written record is one of a number of critical moments in the long saga of our drive to accumulate, store, and retrieve information efficiently. It will result not in the infotopia that the prophets conjure up but in one in a long series of new information ecologies, all of them challenging, in which readers, writers, and producers of text have learned to survive.


These streams of [digital] data, rich as they are, will illuminate, rather than eliminate, books and prints and manuscripts that only the library can put in front of you. The narrow path still leads, as it must, to crowded public rooms where the sunlight gleams on varnished tables, and knowledge is embodied in millions of dusty, crumbling, smelly, irreplaceable documents and books [...]

For now and for the foreseeable future, any serious reader will have to know how to travel down two very different roads simultaneously. No one should avoid the broad, smooth, and open road that leads through the screen. But if you want to know what one of Coleridge’s annotated books or an early “Spider-Man” comic really looks and feels like, or if you just want to read one of those millions of books which are being digitized, you still have to do it the old way, and you will have to for decades to come. At the New York Public Library, the staff loves electronic media. The library has made hundreds of thousands of images from its collections accessible on the Web, but it has done so in the knowledge that its collection comprises fifty-three million items.
Mar 29 12 - Quick!
You better think of something quick before I don't love you no more
Quick, before I walk out that door
Quick, before it all ends in jeers
What a waste of all those beers

You better think of something quick because my suitcase is packed
Quick, because I'm through being attacked
Are you really prepared to lose
All this just to air your views?

We're on the brink of something

Get me a drink of something quick between your outrageous remarks
Like the mating calls of sarcastic sharks
Quick, before you can't take that back
Just before it all goes black

You better think of something quick before the midnight bell chimes
You're living in dangerous times
Torture me for your amusement
About who will pay the rent

Who will pay the rent
Who will pay the rent
Who will pay the rent
Who will pay the rent
Who will pay the rent
Laddad Feb 24. 2017, 10:21 am GMT.